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EasyQuery.NET version 5.3.6 release

Both the core packages and .NET Framework ones (WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET) were updated. Only bug fixing release. See the [changelog]( for details.


EasyQuery.NET version 5.3.5 update of .NET Core packages

This update fixes the format of JSON query files and paging in Oracle SQL statements. Additionally, we added a few new options in query builder's Formats.


EasyQuery.JS 6.0.6 and 6.0.7 releases

This update adds a new option in QueryPanel (editableParts), fixes the Calendar behavior and styles as well as a bunch of other small problems found in previous versions


EasyQuery.JS 6.0.5 release

Fix the problem with IE11 compatibility (Math.trunc was not available) and some bugs in custom list resolving.


EasyQuery.NET 5.3.4 release

Bug fixing release. The query object is returned now for QuerySave and QuerySync requests (optional behavior). Spaces are not considered as separators in WinForms edition.


EasyQuery.NET 5.3.3 release

Bug fixing release. Add support for more data types in NpgSqlGate (for Postgre). Fixed the problem with saving queries with parameters.


EasyQuery.NET 5.3.1 release

Few fixes and updates to the problems found in version 5.3.0.


EasyQuery 5.3.0 release

This version includes a lot of improvements in the core library, a new format for the license keys and support for EasyQuery.JS 6.0 scripts


EasyQuery.JS 6.0.0 release

A major update of EasyQuery.JS. Now it's split into 2 main editions: Community (free) and Enterprise (requires a license). The UI part of the new version was totally rewritten on vanilla JS, JQuery is not required anymore!


EasyQuery 5.2.7 release

This update contains the fix for data-exporting functionality under .NET Core 3.0 and few other small fixes.


EasyQuery 5.2.6 release

Bug fixing update for proper processing of enum type with "is in list" operator


EasyQuery 5.2.5 with .NET Core 3.0 support!

This update includes all fixes and modifications necessary to support .NET Core 3.0, ASP.NET Core 3.0 and Entity Framework 3.0 released recently.


EasyQuery 5.2.0 release

Version 5.2 of EasyQuery merges the code base used in ASP.NET Core edition with all other editions: WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET MVC.


EasyQuery 5.1.2 release

Bug fixing release.


EasyQuery 5.1.1 release

A bug fixing update of version 5.1.0.


EasyQuery 3.10.0 update

Bug fixing update for 3.x branch of EasyQuery library. Few minor changes in the core library and Data Model Editor.


EasyQuery 5.1.0 release

A minor update of EasyQuery 5.x branch. Better integration with authentication library in ASP.NET Core. Internationalization support in the client-side code. Fixed bugs.


EasyQuery 5.0.0 release

The greatest update ever! EasyQuery became simpler, more functional and incredibly expansible.


EasyQuery 4.4.2 release

Fixed bug with processing some special date/time values (like Previous Month or This Year). Generating queries with parameters became even simplier.


EasyQuery 4.4.1 release

Bug-fixing release. A possibility to use || in FullTextSearch extension method.


EasyQuery 4.4.0 release

.NET 2.1 support. FilterBar widget was totally rewritten. New options in EqEntity and EqEntityAttr attributes.


EasyQuery 4.3.1 release

Full-text search extension method. OData query builder. A lot of other small improvements.


EasyQuery.NET 3.10.0 release

Synchronizing the functionality with .NET Core branch of EasyQuery. Server-side components are completely stateless now. You will need to [change some parts of your code]( when upgrading from the previous versions.


EasyQuery.JS 4.2.0 release

EasyQuery.JS library update. Different chart providers. Small improvements and bug fixes


New post in .NET tricks blog: How to store additional user's data in claims

This article describes how to save some additional information (e.g. first/last name of the user) in identity claims and how to access that information in the views.


EasyQuery.JS 4.2.0 release

New product in EasyQuery family: EasyQuery.JS. This a set of JQuery widgets which allows you to provide your end-user with a simple and friendly UI for advanced search and data filtering.


EasyQuery 4.2.0 release

We've fixed the processing of the collection navigation properties, added a new Angular sample project and an example of defining a custom value editor project as well as several other enhancements and bug fixes.


EasyQuery 4.1.0 release

We've added support for .NET Core 2.0 / .NET Standard 2.0, new package for exporting datasets to CSV or HTML (Excel compatible) formats, new functions for JavaScript widgets and more.


EasyQuery 3.9.0 release

We added new possibilities and options for Core version and new menu items for conditions in WPF version; updated Data Model Editor so now it saves its position on exit; fixed DateTimePicker error in WebForms; added SortingBar in JavaScript widgets and many other options.


EasyQuery 3.8.0 release

We added new possibility to set format of date values during exporting; fixed incorrect link conditions in sub-queries. Also, we added a lot of new options for JavaScript widgets and settled its wrong behavior in MVC project after loading queries with subqueries.


EasyQuery 3.7.3 release

This version of EasyQuery has some new features and fixed bugs, listed below. Among the most critical updates - users now allowed to define an additional list of tables for each operator, and they will be included into result SQL. This feature is actual for all EasyQuery experiences: ASP, Silverlight, WIN, WPF. To read more information just click on the title.


EasyQuery 3.7.2 release

New features are available in EasyQuery 3.7.2. Most of them are actual for EasyQuery ASP edition. But there are also those, acceptable for all ASP, Silverlight, WIN and WPF, as Oracle Managed Data Access connector support in Data Model Editor. Also, we've fixed some bugs, such as wrong behavior in Value Editor Settings dialog. Click on the title to read the full list of updates.


EasyQuery 3.7.1 release

This package of updates allows you to set different options for entities and entity attributes right in your context definition. New features are actual for all versions: ASP.NET, Silverlight, WIN, WPF.


EasyQuery 3.7.0 release

This version of EasyQuery provides new functions, such as separate queries for different users, support for complex types in DataModel.LoadFromType() method. We've improved meta-data extraction in OracleGate and fixed DateTimePicker widget in WebForms projects. Click on the title to see the full list of updates.


EasyQuery 3.6.0 release

In this version you can find a lot of new functions: ProcessInheritance option for a LoadFromContext method in DataModel class, possibility to define join condition as SQL expression in Data Model Editor, a new ColumnsChanging event in Query, etc. We've fixed operators with additional operands and did some other updates.


EasyQuery 3.5.0 release

We've added a new default set of date/time operators in your model, separate EasyQuery assemblies for different versions of EntityFramework, which is actual for asp, silverlight, win and wpf versions. We did global refactoring of EasyQuery widgets for JavaScript and MVC versions and fixed little bugs in WebForms version. Click on the title to see the full list of changes.


EasyQuery 3.4.0 release

In this package of updates, we added new options in Query.Formats, LinqQueryBuilder which generates LINQ queries, several useful classes for data export (CSV, Excel) and SSRS integration. There are few improvements in JavaScript popup menu both in MVC edition, and a bunch of small fixes. Click on the title to see the full list of updates.


EasyQuery 3.3.0 release

New functions make your work with EasyQuery more productive. There is new FilterExpressionBuilder class, new DbGate class for PostgreSQL, new sample project EQMvc4DemoEF, for asp version only. We also fixed wrong processing of CaseInsensative option for operators with "List" kind of values.


EasyQuery 3.2.5 release

We only added support for jQuery 1.9 and jQuery UI 1.10 in asp version, but we also did a lot of fixes. For example, there is no any longer problem with GROUP BY section generation for virtual attributes. Click on the title to see full list of changes.


EasyQuery 3.2.0 release

With this updates, users now have an ability to specify a default operator for each attribute in a model, and use new default operators: "is true", "is not true". Besides, we've done some work with bugs and small fixes, all of it a user can find, simply by clicking on the title.