AggrFunction class

Represents an aggregate function

BrowserQueryStorage class

Condition class

Represents some condition.

DataModel class

Represents a data model

DefaultTotalsCalculator class

EasyQueryDataLoader class

Entity class

Represents one entity.

EntityAttr class

Represents entity attribute.

EqContext class

Encapsulates all information about EasyQuery components on some webpage and provides some basic operation over those components Each context includes the following main components: - one data model, - one query, - one result set - several UI widgets.

EqModelLoader class

EqQueryFileLoader class

EqServerDataFetcher class

EqServerExporter class

EqServerModelLoader class

EqServerQuerySynchronizer class

EqServerValueListResolver class

EqServiceProvider class

EqTotalsContainer class

EqValueEditor class

Represents a value editor.

Expression class

Represents expression object.

FormatParser class

Represents a parser for format expressions in operators

GoogleDataConverter class

Represents Google data table class

InvalidQueryError class

The error that appears when the query is not valid

Operand class

Represents one operand in some operator's expression

Operator class

Represents a logical expression or predicate, like comparisions or `LIKE` predicate.

Query class

Represents Query.

QueryColumn class

Represents some column which will be queried

Tree class

Widget class

Represents a widget - a visual element with "knows" how to render itself. Some widgets just display some information from the context (like the generated SQL or the result set). Others - allow user to interact with them to define query conditions or columns.