AggrFuncData interface

Aggregate function JSON representation object.

ColumnData interface

Column JSON representation object.

ColumnDescriptor interface

The type of the parameter for addColumn method

ConditionData interface

Condition JSON representation object.

ConditionGroupDescriptor interface

DataDisplayFormatterOptions interface

EasyQueryData interface

EasyQuery License JSON representation object.

EntityAttrData interface

Entity attribute JSON representation object.

EntityData interface

Entity JSON representation object.

EqBrokerOptions interface

Obsolete!!!!!. Left for backward compatibilty only

EqContextHandlers interface

Defines interface for all context event handlers

EqContextOptions interface

Defines the structure of context options.

EqEvent interface

Represents EasyQuery event type

EqExporter interface

EqPagingOptions interface

Defines the structure of paging options

EqValueListResolver interface

ExportOptions interface

ExpressionData interface

Expression JSON representation object.

ExpressionParent interface

ExternalListCache interface

Defines interface for external list cache

FormatToken interface

Defines the structure of the token returned by `FormatParser`

HttpHeaders interface

HttpRequestOptions interface

Link interface

ModelPlainData interface

Data Model JSON representation object.

OperandData interface

Operand JSON representation object.

OperatorData interface

Operator JSON representation object.

QueryChangeEventData interface

QueryData interface

Query JSON representation object.

QueryExecutor interface

QueryListItem interface

QueryOptions interface

Represents query options.

QueryParam interface

The Query Parameter type

QueryStorage interface

QuerySynchronizer interface

SimpleConditionDescriptor interface

StatusMessage interface

Represents a status message object which is used in different events within the context

ValueEditorData interface

Value editor JSON representation object.