DataType enum

Represents the common types of the data.


Name Value Description
Autoinc 13 Autoincrement 32-bit integer value
BCD 9 Binary-coded decimal value
Blob 15 BLOB value (any data with unlimited length)
Bool 6 Boolean value
Byte 2 8-bit integer value
Currency 8 Money value
Date 10 Date value
DateTime 12 Date and time value
FixedChar 16 Fixed character value
Float 7 Floating-point numeric value
Geography 19 Any data that represents some geography objects
Geometry 18 Any geometry data
Guid 17 The unique identifier
Int32 4 32-bit integer value
Int64 5 64-bit integer value
Memo 14 MEMO value (text with unlimited length)
String 1 String value
Time 11 Time value
Unknown 0 Unknown type value
Word 3 16-bit integer value