EasyQuery End User License Agreement


By installing the EasyQuery software (referred also as PRODUCT or "The software"), you are accepting this License Agreement.




All copyrights to EasyQuery (referred to as "PRODUCT") are exclusively owned by Korzh.com (referred to as "AUTHOR").

The AUTHOR represents and warrants that the PRODUCT and each part and component of the PRODUCT was (or will be) developed by the AUTHOR or its employees or with permission from the original authors and that no parts of the PRODUCT are or were copied from the work of any other person or company without permission for redistribution.

The AUTHOR represents and warrants that it is the legal owner of and has full right, title and interest in the PRODUCT, and that AUTHOR currently is the legal owner of distribution rights for the PRODUCT. AUTHOR further warrants to you that AUTHOR has any and all necessary authority to (i) enter into this License Agreement and (ii) make any and all grants, rights and/or licenses contained herein.


AUTHOR grants to you as a person or company referred to as "LICENSEE" a non-exclusive license to make and use copies of the PRODUCT in the manner provided below. The PRODUCT is licensed, not sold.

There are three possible types of license for PRODUCT: Evaluation License, Registered License and Source Code License.

A. Evaluation License

AUTHOR grants to LICENSEE a personal, non-exclusive license to install the PRODUCT for evaluation purposes.

The EasyQuery evaluation version may be freely distributed, provided the distribution package is not modified. LICENSEE may not charge a fee for the distribution of the PRODUCT without written permission from the AUTHOR. LICENSEE may not distribute any portion of LICENSEE's (or third-party's) product(s) generated using the evaluation version of the PRODUCT.

B. Registered License

After the LICENSEE has purchased a Registered License for the PRODUCT they will get a registration code enabling the registered copy or an ability to download full version of the product from the special Member/Client's Area on the AUTHOR web-site. From that time LICENSEE is licensed to use the PRODUCT only by one developer at the same time. LICENSEE may make a second copy for his or her exclusive use on a second computer (e.g. at home) but the main requirement must be satisfied: only one copy of the PRODUCT may be used at one time.

To remove this restriction LICENSEE may purchase several copies of single-user license like "Basic" or "Developer" or one multi-user license like Team (up to 5 developers) or Company (unlimited number of developers within one company).

LICENSEE may not duplicate the PRODUCT in whole or in part, except for backup or archival purposes.

C. Source Code License

LICENSEE may purchase a Source Code license for the PRODUCT (as Developer, Team or Company types of license). This license gives access to the source code of EasyQuery assemblies. LICENSEE may use the provided source code to build software products and then distribute the created products as compiled binary code without any limitation. Neither the source code nor modified source code of the PRODUCT may be distributed to any third party. The PRODUCT source code must be protected as LICENSEE's own and LICENSEE expressly and unequivocally agrees to be bound by the acts of LICENSEE's employees and agents. LICENSEE may modify the PRODUCT source code; however such modifications do not constitute ownership of the source code. Modifications to the PRODUCT source code may not be sold, transferred or published in any manner whatsoever. Licensing of the PRODUCT source code does not constitute a transfer of ownership under the terms of this agreement, and the PRODUCT remains owned and copyrighted by AUTHOR.


Either Registered License or Source Code License grants LICENSEE the rights to freely distribute any of PRODUCT parts that are designated as "Redistributable" with LICENSEE's software products created using EasyQuery.

The list of redistributable parts of the PRODUCT is limited to the following items:

a) All DLLs (dynamically linked libraries) assembly files created by AUTHOR and placed into the "assemblies" sub-folders of the installation folder (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Korzh.NET\assemblies) during installation of EasyQuery; and

b) Any data files created by EasyQuery - for example query or data model files in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format.

LICENSEE has a royalty-free, worldwide right to distribute the portions of the PRODUCT designated as "redistributable" only if:

1) LICENSEE has purchased a Registered or Source Code License for the PRODUCT and have received a registration code for the PRODUCT or/and get an access to protected

web-page that allows download full version of the PRODUCT;

2) LICENSEE distributes only the portions of the PRODUCT designated as "redistributable";

3) LICENSEE's software product may not directly compete in form and function with EasyQuery;

4) LICENSEE agrees to indemnify AUTHOR from any and all claims or lawsuits including lawyer's fees that might arise or result from the use or distribution of LICENSEE's software product(s) that created using EasyQuery; and

5) LICENSEE distributes the "Redistributable" parts of PRODUCT only in conjunction with LICENSEE's own software product(s) which has(have) reasonably significant functional additions to the basic functionality provided by EasyQuery;

Any licenses allow LICENSEE to distribute (print, publish, post on forums or newsgroups, etc.) any examples of code that use EasyQuery API (Application Programming Interface) including sample projects installed with EasyQuery.


AUTHOR may terminate this license agreement if LICENSEE fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement and do not cure any failure to comply within thirty (30) days from notice by AUTHOR. In such event, you must destroy all copies of the PRODUCT.

LICENSEE may terminate this license at any time by destroying all copies of the PRODUCT.


PRODUCT is distributed "AS IS". The AUTHOR expressly disclaims any warranty for the PRODUCT either express or implied. The AUTHOR is not liable for any damage, caused by use or inability to use the PRODUCT.