Version 4.3.1 release notes

1. Core library

  • FullTextSearch extension method - now you can easily set up a full-text search functionality in your app
  • ODataQueryBuilder class - allows to build OData queries
  • ToSql extension method for LINQ expressions - now you can easily get an SQL statement for your LINQ query generated by our components.
  • Support for TimeZoneOffset during query generation
  • Few improvements in FillByDbGate methods
  • Add table's schema during model loading from DbContext

2. JavaScript

  • onError event is now called on every error during AJAX calls from the EasyQuery widgets to the server-side. You can setup your own handler for that event to overwrite its default behavior (showing an alert).
  • listCache option - now you can set up an external cache for the lists used in different values editors.
  • Few additional functions in EQ.core.Query object: setName, setModelId, removeColumnAt
  • loadModelOnStart option in easyQuerySettings
  • Chart providers: now you can attach different chart libraries to draw charts for the data returned by EasyQuery. Two libraries are supported for now: Google Charts and Chart.js
  • eq.view.textsearch.js script to support full text search in your ASP.NET Core apps
  • A lot of small improvements

3. Oracle connector in DME

Now you can fill your data model right from Oracle database using our OracleDbGate class

4. Fixes

  • Wrong processing of TimeSpan properties in LoadFromEntityType method and during SQL generation
  • LoadFromEntityType didn't process collection navigation properites correctly
  • [EqEntityAttr()] and [Display] attributes were not correctly applied to navigation properties
  • Empty list of values for the dynamically populated lists