EasyReport Starter Kit (ERSK)

ASP.NET Core solution template for ad-hoc reporting

  • Report management with visual query builder,
  • Data visualization (tables, charts, pivots etc),
  • User access management with roles, guest access,
  • data export, scheduled reports, and more

Don't build everything from scratch. Use ERSK as the starting point!

Main Benefits

  • Clean architecture and best practices

    ERSK is built with clean architecture principles in mind. In this solution we applied all the best approaches and methods accumulated by our 20+ years of experience in building data applications.

  • Report management

    EasyReport users can create new reports and edit the existing ones without any assistance from developers. The reports can be shared across all team members.

  • Data visualization

    ERSK provides a lot of ways of representing reports results. Tables, Charts, Pivot tables, Data Grouping and Sorting are available out of the box.

  • User Management

    The solution includes all means for managing team members, their roles and access rights.

  • Multiple Data Sources (Pro version)

    Pro version of ERSK allows users to set up several database connections and build reports for any of those database. Supported databases: SQL Server, MySQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle.

  • Visual query builder (Pro version)

    ERSK Pro includes EasyQuery library that provides a user-friendly UI for query building. So, even non-experienced users without any knowledge of SQL or database design can create reports and get the result data.

  • Multi-tenancy (Pro version)

    Using ERSK as starting point you can build a multi-tenant solution where each team (tenant) will have its own collection of users, administrators, reports and all other enitities.

  • Scheduled Reports (Pro version)

    Starting from version 2.1 of ERSK, it’s possible to define a schedule for each report (e.g. daily, hourly, two time per week, etc) by which it will be executed and the result will be exported to some format (Excel, PDF, CSV) and then will be sent by email to the specified address(es).

How does it look like


Report management
User management
Report sharing
Data visualiation (tables)
Data export (CSV, PDF, Excel)
Visual query builder
Advanced data visualization (charts, pivot tables)
Scheduled reports
EasyQuery ASP.NET Core Company license
Technical support
ERSK Community
$ 1999
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I pay any additional fees (per domain, per user, etc) if I buy a license for ERSK Pro?

    No. Once you purchase a license for EasyReport Starter Kit Pro, you may use this solution template for any number of your projects with any number of end-users or site visitors. There are NO deployment limitations.

    We also provide our users with an annual software maintenance subscription that gives access to the latest updates and technical support. The first year of the subscription is included with the license. You will need to pay for the next ones if you want to continue getting updates and support.

  • How does the license work?

    Your license is tied to your account on Korzh.com website.

    After the purchase you will be able to download the latest source code for ERSK (as well as all previous versions) right from the Client Area page here.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    To process the payments we use the service provided by our long-time partner, Pay Pro Global and they support almost any kind of payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, wire transfers, and some local payment systems. You can select the most convinient for you payment method right on the order form.

  • Can I get a printed quote before that purchase?

    Yes, you can get it right on the ERSK Pro order form. Just fill the form and click on the "Get Quote" button to get a PDF file with the quote.

  • What is a Software Maintenance Subscription?

    The subscription gives you access to the latest releases and support. So, if you have one, you can submit a request to our support team at any time and you don't need to pay for an upgrade when a new version of ERSK Pro is released.

    The first year subscription is included with the license..

  • May I continue using ERSK Pro when my maintenance subscription expires?

    Yes, your license for EasyReport Starter Kit Pro is perpetual. However, you will be able to use only the latest version of ERSK Pro released before the expiration date of your subscription.

    If you choose not to renew your subscription, you will no longer have access to new releases and support, and we will be very sad :(.

  • How does the support service work?

    The technical support is online only and it's available right here in your account page on Korzh.com Just submit a new request there, provide all necessary information about your problem and someone from our support team will reply as soon as possible.

  • We are resellers. Do you have any special offers for resellers?

    Yes, we do. Please visit Reseller's FAQ page for the details

Have more questions?

Don't hesitate and contact us. We are glad to help you with any question.