EasyReport Starter Kit

ASP.NET Core solution template for ad hoc reporting

EasyReport Starter Kit (ERSK) is a pre-built Visual Studio solution (with full source code) that implements a web-application similar to Easy.Report.

In other words, it is a great starting point for a your own web-application where user can connect to different data sources, build their own reports, share reports with other users withing a team, get the data they need and export it to different formats.

Need a reporting solution? Don't build it from scratch - save your time and money. EasyReport Starter Kit is the right choice for you.

Main Benefits

  • Built with best-practices

    We built ERSK with best architectural principles and practices in mind.

    The Clean Architecture approach is used.

  • Multi-tenancy

    Both multi-tenant and single-tenant applications are supported.

    In both cases customer may create multi-user team(s).

  • Supported Databases

    You may connect to a bunch of popular relational databases - MS SQL Server, MySql, Oracle, Postre SQL, SQLite, etc

  • Saves your time and money

    Instead of creating everything from scratch you get a ready-to-use solution built on proven architecture and patterns.

  • Based on EasyQuery library

    EasyQuery gives you a simple to use but powerful user interface to build a query or a filter to your data. All the complexity of SQL is hidden - just simple to use and easy to learn UI.

  • All licenses included

    Purchasing EasyReport Starter Kit, you get EasyQuery ASP.NET Core Company license and EasyQuery.JS Company license in the box.



Number of developers
Number of projects allowed
Full source code included
1 year access to the source code updates
Premium support
Non-exclusive life-time license
EasyQuery ASP.NET Core Company license
EasyQuery.JS Company license
$ 1999
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I get purchasing the license?

    As a licensee you will get the following:

    • ASP.Net Core application template source code. It will be available in Downloads section of your Client area.
    • EasyQuery ASP.NET Core Company license. You will be able to request a product key in the Client area.
    • EasyQuery.JS Company license. You will be able to request a product key in the Client area.

    You also get a one year long maintanance subscription.

  • Do I need to pay some additional fee per domain, or per user, etc.?

    No. The license price is final, no additional fees. Once you purchased the EasyReport Starter Kit, you may use it in any number of your projects for any number of end users or site visitors. There are NO deployment limitations.

    We provide annual subscriptions for our products to give you access to the latest releases and support.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept payment via credit card, check, paypal, wire transfer and some others. You can select the acceptable payment method on the order form.

  • How can I get a quote?

    Click the appropriate "Buy Now" button in the table above to open the order page. At the end of that page you will find "Get Quote" button. Fill out the form and press this button to get a quote.

  • What is subscription?

    The subscription is annual fee we take to give you access to the latest releases and support. Valid subscription allows you to download a new versions of the Product. When the new version is released you don't need to pay for upgrade - just download it from our Members Area.

    The first year subscription is included to the license price.

    With expired subscription you will no longer have access to new releases and support. You will be able to renew the expired subscription (so called "welcome back"), but it will cost you more than twice as much.

  • How much does the subscription cost? How can I purchase it?

    The 1-year subscription renewal costs about 25% of license price for those who renew the subscription in time - before the expiration date. And there is a "welcome back" price - about 70% - for those who are late.

    To purchase the subscription go to your account page, sign in, find "Licenses" panel and click the "Renew" link on the right of selected license.

    To get the lower price the renewal should be done before the subscription expiration date. You can find the expiration date on the Licenses page of our Members Area. We also will remind you several times by e-mail.

  • May I continue using EasyReport Starter Kit when my subscription expires?

    Yes you may. Your EasyReport Starter Kit license is perpetual. However, you will be using the last product version released before your subscription expired.

    If you choose not to renew your subscription, you will no longer have access to new releases and support, and we will be very sad.

  • How do the licenses work?

    Your license is tied to your Korzh.com account.

    To get the full (registered) copy of EasyQuery simply log into your account page and download the latest version of the product.

  • What about support?

    We offer sterling support online in order to make you succeed. You may initiate a support ticket on this page.

  • Do you have money-back guarantee?

    Unfortunately, we can not give you a money-back guarantee for the licenses that include the source code. So, please be attentive - the license is non-refundable!

  • We are resellers. Do you have any special offers for resellers?

    Yes, we have. Go to reseller's FAQ for details

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