EasyReport Starter Kit (ERSK) is an ASP.NET Core solution template that implements a basic ad hoc reporting service. Take a look at our Easy.Report web-service as an example.

Main features

  • Layered application architecture based on Architecting Modern Web Applications with ASP.NET Core and Azure ebook published by Microsoft.

  • Implements best practices and patterns for ASP.NET Core projects.

  • Ad hoc reporting functionality provided by EasyQuery library (EasyQuery license is included).

  • Supports both single-tenant and multi-tenant modes.

  • Ready for deploying both on premises or on cloud (Azure).

  • Can work with different types of databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Postgre, etc.) simultaneously.

Fine, I'm in. What's next?

First of all, you need to buy a license to get the access to ERSK source code.

If you already got it, here are the articles that will help you to start: