EasyReport Starter Kit (ERSK) is an ASP.NET Core solution template that implements a basic ad-hoc reporting web application. You can take a look at our Easy.Report web-service to get an idea what kind of solution can be created with ERSK .

Main features

  • Layered application architecture based on Clear Architecture design principles.

  • Implements best practices and patterns for ASP.NET Core projects.

  • User management with several different roles

  • Report management (create/view/update/delete)

  • Report sharing

  • Scheduled reports

  • Visual query builder provided by EasyQuery library (EasyQuery license is included).

  • Supports both single-tenant and multi-tenant modes.

  • Ready for deploying both on premises or to the cloud.

  • Can work with different types of databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Postgre, etc.) simultaneously.

Fine, I'm in. What's next?

You can start with downloading the Community edition of ERSK that have just a subset of the features described above but can gives you an idea what to expect from the Pro edition.

If you already have either a Community or Pro edition installed here are the articles that will help you to start: