EasyQuery 3.8.0 release

What's new:

  • Support for parameters in virtual attribute expressions.
  • Support for parameterized conditions.
  • A possibility to set format of date values during exporting (CsvFormats.DateFormat, ExcelFormats.DateFormat)
  • Column data type information is added into DataTable JSON passed from server to client.
  • ExcelFormats was renamed from Korzh.Utils.Db to HtmlFormats.

What's fixed:

  • Incorrect link conditions in sub-queries.
  • Incorrect processing for some date format in DatePicker control. [wpf]
  • Not all aggregate functions were listed in ColumnsPanel control. [wpf]

What's new in JavaScript widgets:

  • New methods in Query object : addSimpleCondition, removeColumns, addPredicate.
  • "Process" events in Query object: they are fired on process start and finish (like model loading or adding a bunch of columns from Entities panel).
  • New EasyChart widget.
  • New options in EntitiesPanel widget: autoClearSelection, syncWithColumns.
  • titleElementFormat option in ColumnsPanel widget.
  • a possibility to show record count in query result panel in JavaScript edition.
  • allowParameterization option in QueryPanel widget in JavaScript edition.
  • New options in QueryPanel widget: yearRange, allowDragDrop, attrPlacement, sortEntities.
  • All elements in EasyQuery widgets now has their IDs.

What's fixed in JavaScript widgets:

  • Wrong behavior in MVC project after loading queries with subqueries.

Published: 2017-03-05, Updated: 2017-11-08