EasyQuery 3.7.3 release

What's new:

  • A possibility to define an additional list of tables for each operator (so they will be included into result SQL).
  • It's possible now to localize hints for toolbar buttons in EntitiesPanel JS widget. [asp]
  • DatePicker control for date values. [wpf]
  • Tooltips in EntitiesPanel. [wpf]

What's fixed:

  • Join conditions in subqueries were not generated correctly.
  • Clicking on "Move column up" button caused exception in QueryColumnsPanel WebForms controls. [asp]
  • Correct Handedness setting processing on Windows 8+ systems. [wpf]
  • The crash on root level button menu items selection in QueryPanel. [wpf]

Published: 2016-08-17, Updated: 2017-11-08