EasyQuery 3.7.2 release

What's new:

  • SaveModelChanges() method in ModelEditorForm (it useful when model editor is embedded into another app);
  • Oracle Managed Data Access (MDA) connector support in Data Model Editor;
  • Support of macroses (like $, $, etc.) for Date and Time fields; [asp]
  • Keyboard support in popup menus; [asp]
  • Range validation for "between" and "date/time period" operators in JavaScript version; [asp]

What's fixed:

  • Exception on deleting the only attribute's table in Data Model Editor;
  • Wrong behavior and exceptions in Value Editor Settings dialog;
  • SQL execution error when SELECT statement with only 1 column was defined for SQL LIST value editor;
  • Exception in QueryPanel on attributes with empty "List of contants" value editor; [asp]
  • DateTimePicker control was not shown for date/time value with usual operators (like "equal"); [asp]
  • getConditionsText function in JavaScript version didn't process "None" or "Not all" linking; [asp]
  • Small popup menu issues;[asp]
  • Dran&Drop issues in ColumnsPanel; [asp]
  • Wrong processing of multi-level entities in EntitiesPanel; [Silverlight], [wpf]

Published: 2016-03-14, Updated: 2017-11-08