EasyQuery 3.7.0 release

What's new:

  • SqlCommandPreExecute action in EqServiceProviderDb - allows to set parameters for SQL statements defined for SQLLIST value editors.
  • Support for complex types in DataModel.LoadFromType() method and LinqQueryBuilder.
  • SaveQuery, RemoveQuery operations in EqServiceProviderDb
  • UserId property in EqServiceProviderDb - allows to separate queries for different users.
  • Better meta-data extraction in OracleGate.
  • Support for Cross Apply joins.
  • "Locale" option in easyQuerySettings - allows to set current locale for UI widgets (such as DatePicker).[asp]
  • FormatColumnHeader and formatGridCell callbacks in easyQueryViewSettings - allows you to manage the rendering of result set.[asp]
  • AntiForgeryToken option in EQ.client - allows you to add your Anti-Forgery token to any AJAX request from EasyQuery widgets.[asp]
  • EntityPanel and drop-down menues now show entity and attribute descriptions.[win]

What's changed:

  • Correct processing of IDbSet properties during LoadFromContext / LoadFromDbContext operations.[asp]

What's fixed:

  • Wrong behavior of DateTimePicker widget in WebForms projects.[asp]

Published: 2015-03-24, Updated: 2017-11-08