EasyQuery 4.3.1 release

What's new

  • FullTextSearch extension method - now you can easily set up a full-text search functionality in your app
  • ODataQueryBuilder class - allows building OData queries
  • ToSql extension method for LINQ expressions - now you can easily get an SQL statement for your LINQ query generated by our components.
  • onError event in JavaScript widgets - an ability to set up your own error handler.
  • An ability to set up an external cache for the lists used in different values editors.
  • Oracle connector in DME

What's fixed

  • Wrong processing of TimeSpan properties in LoadFromEntityType method and during SQL generation
  • LoadFromEntityType didn't process collection navigation properties correctly
  • Empty list of values for the dynamically populated lists

Published: 2018-08-15, Updated: 2018-09-25