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Build query by code on the client-side


Here you can find an example of JavaScript code with explanation how to add columns to a current query on client-side.

How it works


The above scheme shows the general internal structure of the library and the main principles of its work. EasyQuery components All EasyQuery classes and components can be divided into two main parts: logical part (DataModel, Query, SqlQueryBuilder). the visual part (QueryPanel, ColumnsPanel, etc.). The logical part is responsible for the internal representation of data structures and user

Version 4.1.0 release notes


EasyQuery for ASPNET Core: version 4.1.0 release notes

JavaScript widgets formats and settings (MVC version)


In this article, we describe the most common unique settings for EasyQuery JavaScript widgets and give examples of code.

EasyQuery ASP.NET - using jQuery widgets on WebForms project


In this article, you can find the instructions how to replace native WebForms with our jQuery widgets, with extract examples