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Building dynamic queries with EasyQuery and Entity Framework


Here we describe how EasyQuery helps to implement a query building UI for creating custom, dynamic queries in .NET projects which use Entity Framework (6.x)

Entities page


This page describes entities participating in the data model and their attributes.

Using EqMvcDemoEF sample with your own DB context


This article contains a brief instruction how to modify EqMvcDemoEF sample project to make it work with your own context class

Adhoc reporting page in your web application


This article describes how to implement the adhoc reporting functionality (similar to the one from our live demos) in your own project.

Hide some entities and/or attributes


Here we explain how to implement different ways to limit the quantity of entities and attributes shown in Data Model

How to limit columns from duplication


How to limit columns from duplication in MVC project, so when you add a column that is already used in a report it won’t be added again.

How to show descriptive texts in some column instead of numeric values


How to show some descriptive texts for some column in result set instead of actual numeric values stored in DB

Navigate through data model entities and attributes


A code snippet which demonstrates how to run through data model entities and attributes